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16 April 2010

Making it Big in Hollywood

Since 1923, the Hollywood sign has been a Los Angeles landmark, with its famous white letters welcoming aspiring movie stars, directors, and star-struck tourists to Tinseltown.

You may have noticed in the news that the world-famous sign is now in jeopardy of being obstructed by multi-million-dollar mansions.

Unless the city of Los Angeles raises enough money to buy back the land behind the sign from private investors who want to sell the prime real estate.

This latest plan calls for the famous letters to be enlarged to double the size, building them out from the back, allowing guests to stay inside the Hollywood sign itself.

The avant grade hotel would have rooms inside the letter, with the addition of observation decks for sweeping views over the city of Los Angeles.

The design is a good example of Brand Architecture, that respects the history of the famous landmark and its location.

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