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23 April 2010

Artist of the week #10. Ryan Church

You might not know the name, But you will know the work. A Concept artist from Long Beach California with more motion pictures to his name than any other. Church started his carrier working in the imagineering department of Walt Disney Studio's as well as freelancing for Universal studios. After spending a few years there, he moved up in the world to Industrial Light and Magic working on such films as Star Wars Episode 2 & 3

Soon after, Church was offered a opportunity of a life time to become lead art director for Lucas Films at the SkyWalker Ranch. This led him to work on a whole range of blockbuster films including War Of The Worlds (2005), Transformers (2007), StarTrek (2009), Transformers II (2009) and most recently Avatar (2009). Not Bad for a guy who's not even reach the age of 40 yet.

To check out more of Ryan Church's work Visit. www.ryanchurch.com

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