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6 April 2010

LA to Venice, California

Los Angeles is returning to Venice, CA this Sunday for the annual Spring Home Tours. This one day only event invites the public to visit the most striking private residences in the area. This year includes a modern interpretation of “the classic bungalow” as part of a unique collection from one of four architecture practices.

The sites this year are the Goodman Residence (Abramson Teiger Architects) which reflects the Southern Californian lifestyle by uniting home, garden and pool. The second in the collection is Hover House 3 by Glen Irani Architects, representing a whole series of focus into maximising outdoor living on small lots and utilizing numerous sustainable technologies. Gelner Residence (Tighe Architecture) is another to look out for, also known as The Urban Villa. The main is a two storey building that contains main living functions along with folded planes that define the roof and walls (my particular favourite). Finally, Barbara Bestor Architecture opens its doors to the Floating Bungalow, which is a modernist reinterpretation on the working class bungalow.

This unique annual opportunity is definitely one to take advantage of!

Goodman Residence

Hover House 3

Gelner Residence

Floating Bungalow

Floating Bungalow Interior

Interior Design

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