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15 April 2010

Artist of the week#9. Syd Mead

A legendary concept artist, Syd Mead began his career in the late 50's using traditional oil painting techniques to create styling concepts for Ford Motor Company. However, by the early 70's he had left the life of transport design to work on feature films where he pioneered the role of concept artist. Syd was thrown into the deep end and became one of the lead artists on the original Star trek from 1978. Since then Syd has given so much back to the design and motion picture community. He has produced numerous publications on his techniques in the industry as well as lecturing at many design studios around the world including The Gnomon Workshop in the heart of Hollywood.

Syd Meads' career of creating cinematic views of the future has stretched over 5 decades and to this day people still view his early work as futuristic. With digital creative technologies developing by the second Syd still prefers to use traditional techniques such as oil paints, which I am sure you will agree still look as fresh and striking as they would have done at any time during the last 50 years.

Find out more about Syd Mead at    http://www.sydmead.com/

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