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29 June 2013

Bridging the gap between reality and simulation

Hi readers,

To anyone who knows me it is no secret that I am a huge petrolhead (gearhead for people in the USA).  Anything regarding nice cars and I am hooked (a bit sad really). Cars are definitely my second passion behind digital media. So when an opportunity arises to combine these two passions I jump at the chance.

It is clear to see when browsing the net that I am not alone with these interests, there are a huge number of people throughout the world that share these passions. This also means that there is a huge amount of work to be found regarding Automotive digital media. With a massive selection of work comes a great range in quality, some amazing, some not so good and the rest in between.

A prime example of this wide variety of quality can be found in the gaming industry, especially the trailers created for marketing new games. The general formula seems to consist of making these animations fast, action packed and exciting. I am not saying this is the wrong formula, clearly it has worked time after time and gets people excited about a product. But sometimes a trailer doesn't really represent the final experience the gamer receives, it hides the short falls in the game.

Today I bring to you a trailer for "Project CARS - Waiting for Dark" Created by Slightly Mad Studios, this is one of the last titles to be developed for the current generation of consoles. It is clear to see how far the development has come since the original games of this generation. This is down to the creators mastering the tech and by eeking out every last bit of performance from the hardware.

Project CARS Trailer by Slightly Mad Studios

"Project CARS" is marketed as a "racing simulator" and because of this they've have attempted to capture the experience of driving a race car. This is demonstrated in the trailer by showing the subtle changes affecting the car from the damage, the weather and road surface etc.

The level of detail that has gone into 3D models in the game is amazing and the use of hi-res textures give a very believable experience. One detail that really stands out for me is rain water landing on the body work of the cars.

Visually this game is outstanding, the lighting is really well done and highlights all the intricate details of the 3D models. I would find it hard to tear myself away from just staring at this game to actually play it.

All images featured are courtesy of Google images and respective websites.
There are probably only going to be a few occasions in my life where I will be able to experience driving a race car, but with the quality of simulators like this, who knows what the future holds for me and fellow Petrolheads.

Happy reading.
Ryan Blackburn - Media Productions


28 June 2013

Artist of the Week - Christian Pondella.

Good morning readers and welcome to another installment of Artist of the Week

In the past we have brought you concept, Grafiti, and 3D artists. but not many photographers.
well today we address that and introduce you to a remarkable photographer named Christian Pondella.

Based in Mammoth Lakes, California. Christian specializes in adventure sports photography. Which to many people would seem like a dream existence. Traveling to exotic locations, meeting new people from many different cultures. It certainly appeals to me! However, its not all plain sailing. Photographing extreme sports usually means you will follow your subject wherever they take you, and that can mean life and limb in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

However, being a proficient climber, skier, snowboarder and biker Christian has no problem in following his subjects to the ends of the earth. With his adaptability and his great eye for composition has meant that his photography has taken prideof place in some of the worlds most well known magazines. including ESPN magazine, Maxim, FHM, GQ, and many many more.

Check out these amazing shots from his online portfolio, or view the entire collection HERE

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21 June 2013

Wimbledon 2013

As Wimbledon is preparing itself for the renowned annual tennis championships which begin on Monday, the All England Lawn Tennis Club has unveiled its design proposals for the Wimbledon Master Plan. The grounds will host over 450,000 spectators along with the tennis stars including the winner of the Roland-Garros 2013 (French Open) Rafael Nadal. (hopefully only a runner-up at Wimbledon)

The plan for redevelopment sets out a vision for the future of the site, and will guide the club over the next 10-20 years in maintaining its title as the finest stage for world tennis. Developed by Grimshaw, the vision reflects and reinforces the long history of The Championships while further enhancing Wimbledon’s position as the premier Grand Slam tennis event. So time to get the strawberries & cream out and don't forgot your umbrellas. 'Come on Timmmm' !

Architecture - Design - Wimbledon


"Load" - Taking me back to the 80's

Hello readers,

When browsing the internet for new and inspiring pieces of CGI work, more often than not you will find yourself looking at the same thing over and over again. Taking no credit away from any of the artists or the work they have produced, the content always seems to fall under the same old genres (Sci-fi along with fantasy creatures and monsters). So when you come across work that does not fall into these genres it tends to stand out and is generally really well executed. 

Video courtesy of Vimeo and Brian Sorensen.

"Load", by Brian Sorensen, is a video that was created as part of his graduation project in Digital Media. The video which takes place in a 1980's setting including a classroom oozes 80's nostalgia. What works well in setting up the scene is the carefully chosen computer hardware and well placed scene assets. This includes the Commodore 64 which is an iconic piece of kit from the era to the 80's movie posters such as Tron and Blade Runner.

What really makes this scene for me is the subtle use of depth of field and attention to detail throughout the scene. The handwritten text on the cassette tape is a really nice touch and the dust on the camera lens.

The lighting is really well balanced due to the right amount of contrast to set the mood throughout, with the blue glow from the monitor adding a very nice touch also.

My favorite aspect of this scene has to be the music, starting with the classic 80's style Synth that develops into the piano score towards the end.

This scene doesn't scream and shout, it is a very classy piece of work that captures everything we associate with that era of technology.

I looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject.

Happy reading

Ryan Blackburn - Media Productions

Ramon Bruin - 3D trickery

Here's a quick blog for you 3D/art/illusion lovers. It has to be quick, as here at SoVibrant Towers we are crazy-busy working on the most exciting projects we've ever undertaken. So the blog has been neglected these past few days weeks months.

Anyway, Ramon Bruin has perfected the art of bring 2D sketches in to 3D life, when viewed from the right angle. Check these out:

Art, Design and Architecture at SoVibrant

17 June 2013

Artist of the Week : Sergio Merêces

Good afternoon readers and welcome to this weeks installment of Artist of the Week..

This week we bring you Sergio Merêces. A 31 year old 3D visualiser with his own family studio, Mereces Arch-Viz. They specialise in creating highly realistic and almost cinematic visuals for the Architectural Design industry.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Merêces Arch-Vis has made its mark in the world of 3D visualisation by featuring in numerous publications including 3D Artist Magazine, CG Architect Inspiration and Chaos Groups New Letter. They also create many helpful tutorials such as Red Riding Hood  and House in Alentejo

Just have a look at these incredible pieces. If you wish to see more of Merêces Arch-Vis work, visit there website HERE

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10 June 2013

Artist of the Week : Marwan M. Saliba

Good afternoon readers,

Today we bring you the next installment of our Artist of the Week.

Similar to Juraj from last weeks blog, Marwan Saliba, from Lebanon, has an incredible eye for realism.  Using 3D Studio Max and Chaos Groups Vray, Marwan has made a name for him self in the architectural industry by creating beautifully realistic renders. He has been published in many magazines such as 3D world, as well as  well as being written about on such websites as CG Society and 3D Total.

The renders below show that he is a strong force to be reckoned with in the 3D world.
To view more of Marwan's work visit his Facebook page HERE

All images Courtesy of Marwan Saliba's Facebook

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