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28 June 2013

Artist of the Week - Christian Pondella.

Good morning readers and welcome to another installment of Artist of the Week

In the past we have brought you concept, Grafiti, and 3D artists. but not many photographers.
well today we address that and introduce you to a remarkable photographer named Christian Pondella.

Based in Mammoth Lakes, California. Christian specializes in adventure sports photography. Which to many people would seem like a dream existence. Traveling to exotic locations, meeting new people from many different cultures. It certainly appeals to me! However, its not all plain sailing. Photographing extreme sports usually means you will follow your subject wherever they take you, and that can mean life and limb in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

However, being a proficient climber, skier, snowboarder and biker Christian has no problem in following his subjects to the ends of the earth. With his adaptability and his great eye for composition has meant that his photography has taken prideof place in some of the worlds most well known magazines. including ESPN magazine, Maxim, FHM, GQ, and many many more.

Check out these amazing shots from his online portfolio, or view the entire collection HERE

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