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17 June 2013

Artist of the Week : Sergio Merêces

Good afternoon readers and welcome to this weeks installment of Artist of the Week..

This week we bring you Sergio Merêces. A 31 year old 3D visualiser with his own family studio, Mereces Arch-Viz. They specialise in creating highly realistic and almost cinematic visuals for the Architectural Design industry.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Merêces Arch-Vis has made its mark in the world of 3D visualisation by featuring in numerous publications including 3D Artist Magazine, CG Architect Inspiration and Chaos Groups New Letter. They also create many helpful tutorials such as Red Riding Hood  and House in Alentejo

Just have a look at these incredible pieces. If you wish to see more of Merêces Arch-Vis work, visit there website HERE

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