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21 June 2013

"Load" - Taking me back to the 80's

Hello readers,

When browsing the internet for new and inspiring pieces of CGI work, more often than not you will find yourself looking at the same thing over and over again. Taking no credit away from any of the artists or the work they have produced, the content always seems to fall under the same old genres (Sci-fi along with fantasy creatures and monsters). So when you come across work that does not fall into these genres it tends to stand out and is generally really well executed. 

Video courtesy of Vimeo and Brian Sorensen.

"Load", by Brian Sorensen, is a video that was created as part of his graduation project in Digital Media. The video which takes place in a 1980's setting including a classroom oozes 80's nostalgia. What works well in setting up the scene is the carefully chosen computer hardware and well placed scene assets. This includes the Commodore 64 which is an iconic piece of kit from the era to the 80's movie posters such as Tron and Blade Runner.

What really makes this scene for me is the subtle use of depth of field and attention to detail throughout the scene. The handwritten text on the cassette tape is a really nice touch and the dust on the camera lens.

The lighting is really well balanced due to the right amount of contrast to set the mood throughout, with the blue glow from the monitor adding a very nice touch also.

My favorite aspect of this scene has to be the music, starting with the classic 80's style Synth that develops into the piano score towards the end.

This scene doesn't scream and shout, it is a very classy piece of work that captures everything we associate with that era of technology.

I looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject.

Happy reading

Ryan Blackburn - Media Productions

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