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2 January 2013

TAM Airline's first class cabin interior by Priestmangoode

Brazil’s national air carrier TAM Airlines have appointed transport design specialists Priestmangoode to design their fleet's first class cabins. The results are, well, first class. More importantly, they demonstrate how 'brand' travels way beyond a simple company logo and how the role of design is crucial in the way companies present themselves to both customers and their staff.

Luke Hawes, director at Priestmangoode and head of the TAM project explains: “Our work for TAM is crucial to their brand development, giving them the customer experience they need as they move up to become a major international carrier. The designs, which are being rolled out across the entire fleet, present TAM as an important international player and give them the tools they need to compete with the world’s other major international carriers.”

Brand and Design at SoVibrant

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