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17 January 2013

Orion EFT-1

Good morning readers. 

We live on a planet surrounded by billions of stars and probably millions of earth-like planets that in my life time we will never visit. Until recently we thought that NASA had abandoned any human missions out of our atmosphere due to money and materials constraints. But just this week the ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA have given us hope of one day soon traveling to the stars...

On Wednesday the 16th of January at 10:30 a.m. CST, NASA and ESA joined forces on signed off Program "ORION" producing an extra £350 million for the production.

ORION is the future of deep space travel. Replacing the design of Apollo lunar capsule, ORION will be the first manned mission back to the moon since the 70's and the very first vehicle to take humans to the surface of an orbiting asteroid. You might think that this will be in decades to come.. but the first mission of the ORION is due for launch in 2017.

To view an in depth video from NASA about the ORION program click the here:

Or you can view NASA's home page for the ORION at:  www.nasa.gov/orion

Concept visual of ORION and its main booster

ORION's main chassis made out of liquid formed solid metal

The jigsaw begins, slowly and carefully piecing the capsule together
Concept drawing of the Crew and Service Module

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