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7 January 2013

Upcoming Sci-fi & fantasy movies

Hi everyone and happy new year!

2012 wasn't a bad year for sci-fi & fantasy movies, however, the next couple of years are already looking to be much better.

For all of us cool geeks out there (I know there are more than the 3 of us here at SoVibrant) there have been a few very interesting film announcements over the last 6 months. I will quickly summarise them below (in no particular order) and then I will do a follow up on each of them as they are released in the cinema. 

Man of Steel (Superman)

Man of Steel is the latest in a saga of Superman movies. This film seems to re-tell the story of Superman from being a child (as in the original Superman movie) up to becoming the Superman we all know and love. As well as the great visual elements, the most exciting thing about this movie is that it is being produced by Christopher Nolan, the guy who brought us the recent and  brilliant Batman trilogy.

Click here for the Man of Steel trailer

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas deals with how individual lives can impact one another across time. Almost like The Butterfly Effect, the impacts of each person's life has a drastic effect on another, shaping heroes and inspiring revolutions along the way.

Visually this movie looks amazing with fantasy landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see, as well as perfect recreations of past locations. This is definitely one I am looking forward to watching.

Click here for the Cloud Atlas trailer


This movie is the most puzzling of the line-up. The movie trailer is simply an advertisement for a future corporation. This does give us details on things which may be in the movie but provides no reference of a plot. 

the synopsis states that :

 "In 2159 there are two classes: the very rich who live on a station created by man, Elysium, and others who live on Earth sacked and overcrowded. Secretary Rhodes (Jodie Foster) is a member of the government who would do anything to pass anti-immigration laws and to preserve the luxurious living of the citizens of Elysium. This does not prevent the inhabitants of the earth to try to integrate Elysium by all possible means. One day the unlucky Max (Matt Damon) accepts a mission that could save his life, but also restore the balance between these two worlds."

Only time will tell how the movie turns out.

Click here for the Elysium trailer

After Earth

After Earth is about 2 humans who crash land on Earth which had been evacuated over 1,000 years earlier. The trailer tells of how the planet and its inhabitants have evolved to almost protect itself from the return of the human race.

The movie is visually awe inspiring and with Will and Jaden Smith both in lead roles, it looks to be a great film.

Click here for the After Earth trailer

Pacific Rim

OK sci-fi geeks, take Godzilla and pit him up against an army of Gundam style robots, need I say more!

The trailer is reminiscent of Transformers as giant manned robots fight it out against a huge lizardesque creature. The jury is out on this one as it is a great concept for a movie, but would be so easily ruined if not done correctly.

Click here for the Pacific Rim trailer


Oblivion sets Tom Cruise (in classic Tom Cruise fashion) as the saviour of mankind on a future Earth which has evolved beyond recognition. Element's of his past lead him on a journey of redemption and discovery, like I said, seems like the typical character Tom cruise usually plays, nothing new here. 

The movie, however, is brought to us by the director of Tron Legacy which was a good movie, so fingers crossed.

Click here for the Oblivion trailer

The Prototype

This movie deals with the age old battle of humans vs robots. The film follows a robot escapee which is seemingly harmless until it is hunted down by a fearful human race, sound familiar?
Besides the not too original plot, the trailer actually looks half decent. If done well, the movie could be one of the big hits of 2013.

Click here for the Prototype trailer

As the above movies are released I will be doing a small review of them so look out for those in the near future!

Happy reading everyone

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