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16 January 2013

Blue blooded talent...

We are delighted to welcome to our Media Productions team our newest signing Ryan Blackburn. Ryan has been undertaking a work placement for us over the past few months and we are delighted to be able to give him the chance to become a full time member of the team. We are proud to be continuing our rapid growth and to be able to give employment opportunities to young people, where many are not. We have been proven right with every chance we have given to the more junior members of our team (many of whom are now not so junior!) and they have, as individuals and as team members, grown at an exceptional rate and demonstrate daily a level of passion, commitment and dedication I am inspired by and proud of.  We will also be welcoming another new team member next week to work within our design and strategy team who I look forward to introducing to you.

 Ryan Blackburn  - Media Designer
North Face would not approve.

We have won a wide range of very sizable and exciting contracts in the last few months.  The team are working on some very exciting projects that we cannot yet talk about but we are very much looking forward to sharing these with you over the coming months. We are continuing our innovative work in the education sector and will shortly be profiling some of the extremely exciting projects we are working on.  I was fortunate today to visit the recently completed first phase of work at one of the school's we are proud to be working in partnership with - Western Primary School in Harrogate.  Walking into an environment where there is such pride, passion and excitement about the changes we are making and the work we have done together, is a big part of what I love about being involved in the world of design. Good design changes lives and improves our experience of the world and this was living proof of that fact.

As always, we are pushing ourselves forward on many fronts and already have a whole host of exciting developments in the pipeline across our brand, offices, business model, digital platforms, products, services and personnel which I also look forward to sharing with you as the year progresses, so watch this space.

There are certainly exciting times ahead for SoVibrant and we are also delighted to be approaching our 4th birthday this year. Time flies as they say...

A happy and prosperous new year to all of our readers. 

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