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9 December 2011

The Future of Home Cinema

15 years ago the "big thing" was “virtual reality”, a phrase that seemed to be applied to anything from enormous monitor wielding headsets, to almost everything interactive. Thankfully the buzzword has been buried with cyberspace, Y2K and Dirty Den, however that doesn’t mean the ideals and notions have gone away. Instead, now they’re actually possible, they have less ambitious and more meaningful names like ‘Personal 3D Viewer’.

Designed to work with the Playstation 3, Sony’s Personal 3D Viewer dispenses with the futurisms, to provide a viewing experience that often fail to leaves most company’s concept departments. When worn, the device provides two 720p OLED monitors, one for each eye, replicating the 3D cinema experience and proving ideal for 3D movies and gaming. Costing around £700, the headsets aren’t cheap but for those with plenty of disposable cash, this surely has to be the ‘must-have’ gadget of the year.

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