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5 December 2011

Design Classic no. 28 - The Triumph Bonneville

The Bonneville range of Triumph motorcycles easily finds a place in our series of design classics. The Bonneville was made in three different production runs from 1959 to 1983, and 1985 to 1988, by the now-defunct Triumph Engineering in Meriden; and since 2001, by Triumph Motorcycles in Hinckley. It is named after the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, where Triumph and other motorcycle companies made attempts on motorcycle speed records. All share a parallel-twin four-stroke engine configuration. The current version, produced since 2001 by the modern successor of the original company, is a completely redesigned and re-engineered evolution of the original design (text courtesy of Wikipedia 2011).

Incidentally, the bike Steve McQueen rode in the infamous Great Escape film was a another Triumph, this time a TT specialist 650, made to look like a war time BMW. Steve was way too cool to ride a BMW. There. I said it.

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