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12 December 2011

Design Classic no. 30: British Road Signs

It's official - Britain's road signs have been recognised as 'design classics' by the Design Museum.

Created by graphic designers Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert in the mid-sixties, the entire language of the signs we see today was standardised from what had previously been a haphazard assortment of confusing and dangerous symbols, colours and lettering.

New fonts were created and most importantly, upper and lower cases combined to enable place names to be read by shape as well as lettering. For more on this story follow: more....

The signs are so recognisable they can be considered as art in their own right. Tim Blackhouse, sick of cars speeding past his house, decided to paint a giant 30 in an attempt to slow drivers down. It looks brilliant:

Which reminds me a bit of this 'deface-your-own-home' British eccentricity:

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