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13 December 2011

Leeds Train Station gets a New Entrance

Finally, for all those commuters and office workers living and working on the south side of the River Aire, a new entranced is planned for construction in 2012.
The proposed scheme for a new southern entrance to Leeds station will include new lifts, stairs and escalators and exiting onto Granary Wharf.

The curvaceous structure has been described as a new “door’ for the city." and has been passed by Leeds city planners.
Hopefully the scheme doesn't get watered down in the construction phase, as the curved design with a curved glass balustrade should look very striking.

With existing pedestrian links to the southern end of Neville Street, office workers around Holbeck, Bridgewater and Asda house are sure to benefit.
As well as all the bars and restaurants around Granary Wharf, as people stop off for a cheeky pint if they accidently miss their train.

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