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9 April 2010

With books in mind...

A New York based design company (Front Studio) was commissioned to re-design and inspire McNallys bookstore with a unique twist on book associations in a brand new cafe.

The cafe’s curved wall is plastered with recycled open spine books which look and act like wallpaper. At first glance it would appear there aren’t many tables however around the walls you can find a series of folding single wooden tables. These resemble a folded book when closed and when opened up they act as a stable surface for food and drink – a really lovely feature unique to this cafe. From the ceiling the public sit beneath a scattering of suspended books held on metal poles. These interspersed with lightbulbs therefore making the books become more of a decorative statement. This feature was taken from the idea of throwing books into the sky and frozen.

With the injection of book inspiration, the cafe has followed through the redesign into its new food menus which are made up of food related quotes dedicated to many editions of one single book. This design has certainly been researched cover to cover!

Interior Design

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