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14 April 2010

Sky Wellness Gym

For anybody that hasn’t previously been convinced that going to the gym is worth doing, this might start making you think otherwise. As a daily gym enthusiast myself I love anything to do with them however being a designer makes me more excited about this gym than any other I’ve seen. It is evident to see that the sweeping city and river views out of the 150 metre glass windows would cause most to get lost in them rather than focus on the intense fitness regime they are doing - a selling point in itself.

The Belgrade landmark originally opened as a restaurant in the 1970’s and was constructed 15 metres above the river. Now, the Belgrade design studio 4od7 has recreated the space into a high end gym and spa in the city’s centre. Visitors enter Wellness Sky through the central core (the sole support for the structure) which contains two lift shafts and a double spiral staircase. The faceted ceiling is comprised of backlit semi translucent triangular panels creating an idea that visitors feel as though they’re exercising outdoors in the clouds but also within a Technogym. The main volume of the building is triangular in plan however it is intercepted by 12 metre cantilevers to again reinforce the feel of levitation and floating in the clouds. The resin floor finishes also add to this concept as reflect a lot of the daylight therefore supporting the airy feel.

Interior Design

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