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1 April 2010

The UK welcomes John Nouvel

The world renowned John Nouvel has been announced as the Serpentine Gallery's 2010 designer for the 10th anniversary pavilion. The pavilion follows a long tradition with the interaction from architects all over the globe and now Nouvel will create his first completed building in the UK to add to his global list of over 200 buildings.

From the images below you can see that there is a vivid red colour which was the end result of research into the UK's red post box, telephone box and London buses. Nouvel is known for emphasis on his research, analysis and discussion being the driver for his end product along with letting other disciplines like music and literature be a major influence. The beauty of this vibrant red is that there is a contrast of the green park setting that it sits in, making the Pavilion the area to focus on.

The building has been constructed with lightweight materials and dramatic cantilevered structures which are in my opinion, what many would notice first, along with the colour of course. It consists of bold geometric forms, large retractable awnings, and a freestanding wall that stands 12 metres above the ground, not to mention polycarbonate and fabric structures that create a versatile system of interior and exterior spaces.

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