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13 April 2010

"Render! Render! Read all about it! "

Hi everyone,

Here at SoVibrant we are always looking at new technologies and new ways of streamlining our workflow. I have recently had many lengthy discussions on the various commercial renderers available today, particularly Vray, Maxwell Render & Mental Ray. My discussions have been revolving around the best renderer for use in the architectural Visualisation industry.

After all of these debates, I have decided that  I would like the opinions of the masses!  I would like to open up a discussion on the differences or pro's and con's of the renderers and get other points of view on their uses.

I personally hold the opinion that Vray is the renderer of choice for architectural visualisation. This is mainly due to the speed of the render engine and easy setup of Vray within a scene. Admittedly Maxwell Render is more than capable of creating 'better' and more 'visually stunning' images than Vray when used right. The problem with Maxwell Render is the speed of the render engine. In this fast-paced, commercial environment we all love, you just don't have the time to render images which, although look much better, take an unrealistic amount of time to render. The very well known saying "Time is money" comes to mind on this occasion! I personally would place Mental Ray somewhere as a middle ground between Vray and Maxwell Render. MentalRay is capable of producing stunning results but unfortunately requires a lot of tinkering to get right. The user-friendliness of MentalRay is, in my opinion, somewhat lacking also, with far too many options to fine-tune to obtain good results.

For the above reasons I believe Vray to be far superior for keeping on top of those tight deadlines while still maintaining a very high visual quality.

Of course all of the above is my current opinion and I really would like some points of view from everyone out there who have preferences on any of the above renderers. At SoVibrant we always welcome the views and opinions of others and thrive on debates such as this to further our knowledge on technological and artistic matters.

Let the debate begin !!

Mo Akhtar (Media Director) - SoVibrant

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