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18 April 2012

100 days to the 2012 London Olympics

Today begins the 100-day countdown to the London 2012 opening ceremony. This has been a slow burner over the last seven years, but the excitement will build from here as the promotion gets underway, most likely starting at this weekend's London Marathon where the cameras will inevitably take in some of the dramatic new architecture of the Olympic site.

With the Olympic flame UK tour soon to start and predictions of 'another Wembley' thankfully avoided, perhaps it's time for the sceptics get on board. The modern games venues are chosen specifically for their proposed ongoing legacy, so the newly announced slogan for the games, 'Inspire a Generation' is quite apt.

Gone are the days 25 years ago when the Olympics were virtually bankrupt and only one city bid for the games (Los Angeles - Tehran pulled out, and even the 90% of the people of LA voted against the games fearing financial meltdown). Cities are now fighting to get on board despite the current ongoing economic crisis.

General opinion on the games seems to lose enthusiasm the further the distance from London, but time will tell as to the success of the legacy. I for one am dead excited!

With Olympic fever filtering in to my veins and the consoling words of my old P.E teacher still clear in my ears, 'It's not the winning but the taking part that counts', I boldly decided it was time to put myself forward for the 100m and perhaps even the beach volleyball. Imagine my surprise when informed by my local Town Hall that I may have already missed the boat! It seems that the British Olympic Association take a rather elitist view on who takes part!

But that's okay. Now when do they start selling tickets?

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