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20 April 2012

One Visualization - CGarchitect

Hi everyone,

While doing my usual perousal of CGarchitect I came across the video below.

What really caught my attention was how the artist Rafal Barnas took a piece of visualisation work and simply using the layers which made up the final visual, created an amazing piece of animation. Rafal created this as an experiment into how much he could do with animation using a single visual as a base.

The subtlety of movement in some of the layers really gives you the sense of reality, add to this the mood that  Rafal  has portrayed and I believe this to be an amazing short piece of technical animation.

Below you will find the link to the CGarchitect post as well as the HD version of the animation on Vimeo.

Click here for the link to the post on CGarchitect.com

Click here for the HD version of the animation

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