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25 April 2012

2012 Olympic Torch wins design award

Congratulations to UK design studio, Barber Osgerby, who have won the Design Museum's prestigious Design of the Year 2012 award for their Olympic Torch.

The torch is set to commence its UK tour on May the 19th and is perforated with 8000 holes to represent the number of torch bearers involved (rather than a comment on the locations it will be visiting!).


I think it's an elegant design that combines a modern aesthetic with a traditional form,  but critics have (I think harshly) compared it to a cheese grater, a waste paper bin and a cigarette holder.

The gorgeous Olympic Velodrome, designed by Hopkins Architects, picked up the Architecture award and is also hotly tipped for the industry's top award, The Stirling Prize:

Design at SoVibrant www.SoVibrant.co.uk

Images courtesy of Sky Sports and Google

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