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3 April 2012

Another giant leap for mankind

The term "Legend" can be defined as a person and or moment in history that will never be forgotten.
Neil Armstrong was the first man the to walk on the moon. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to summit Mount Everest.  Felix Baumgartner will soon become the first man to freefall from the edge of space at 120,000ft back down to earth speeding through the sound barrier at 768mph.
This incredible is the mastermind of Red Bull Stratos Director Art Thompson, more well known for the design and technology behind the B2 Stealth Bomber and On the 15th of March 2012. Felix and the team at Red Bull completed there first test jump from 72,000ft. His journey back to earth took just over 3 minutes... Below is a short video of that day. For more details and information on Red Bulls stratos project, follow the link: http://www.redbullstratos.com

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