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10 April 2012

"Draw Something" - I'm Addicted!

I CONFESS - Over the Easter weekend I have become addicted to the 7 week old app called “Draw Something”.  The concept is simple!  An app that allows you to play a modern day version of Pictionary with friends, Facebook users and even “random” users across the globe.  The game offers a choice of 3 words to draw and should it be guessed right, you receive 1, 2 or 3 “coins”.  The coins can then be used to purchase additional colour palettes to draw with and “word / letter bombs” which help increase your chances of guessing the drawing.
I have to say, confessing to an addiction of something so simple isn’t easy for me to do but once you start you HAVE to keep going... and it appears I’m not in the minority!  Latest figures show I am one of 350 million users and last month’s statistics show there was an average of 3 drawings per second!

“Draw Something” was recently sold for $180 million and generates revenue of £150,000 PER DAY!  An absolutely incredible figure and also one of the the fastest downloaded app's in history.
My advice – DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!

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