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3 February 2012

Crossmap for 3D Studio Max

Hi everyone,

I recently came across this handy little shader for 3D Studio Max which randomly distributes selected images/maps across an object on a per-poly basis.

All 3D visualisers know the pain of trying to re-create those random differences that exist in real life as these are what separate a good render from an amazing render. On first look I didn't realise the power of such a shader, however after further investigation I think it has a lot of scope to improve not only the workflow but also the look of final visuals, by helping us to achieve that random factor in the materials which is usually so much more work to do.

Check out the link below in which CGarchitect feature the new shader and explain a little more on how it works. The images below show the results you can achieve using the shader (images courtesy of CGarchitect.com).

3D Visualisation


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