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22 February 2012

The New London Bus

Back in November 2010 we blogged the old London Routemaster bus as a design classic (routemaster blog link).

This week saw the introduction of the new London bus, the NB4L, or less formally, the 'Borismaster', designed by Heatherwick Studio (www.heatherwick.com) and built by Wrightbus.

The new bus echos the old classic Routemaster by reintroducing a rear door in addition to the front and side doors. The glass then wraps elegantly around the rear and up to the first floor, following the internal circulation. This principal also applies to the front stair, resulting in light, airy interiors with clear and sylish fenestration.

This is the first bus specially designed for London since the Routemaster and and is well worthy of following in its footsteps (or tyretracks if you prefer).

Design at SoVibrant www.SoVibrant.co.uk


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