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9 February 2012

Quadrotors - The Future of Construction

At Christmas a large quantity of toy helicopters were bought by fathers claiming they were presents for their very young offspring.
These mini remote control machine are getting better and cheaper every year, so when I saw the video links below the Quadrotor must be the next big thing.

These video links may seem like boys with toys (and a lot of spare time) however you may be witnessing the future of construction.
The people behind these video are Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello D’Andrea, and it's all a pioneering project around training dynamic and robotic procedures applied to architecture.

The process has been named 'Flight Assembled Architecture' and the first major installation constructed entirely by robots is currently underway.

From December 2nd to February 19th the architectural structure will be designed and constructed on the scale of a “vertical village” of 600 metres in height.
The installation addresses radical new ways of thinking and creating architecture as a physical process of dynamic formation.

It sounds complicated but basically a computer program will tell these mini robot what to do and how to work together.

'SkyNet' is only just round the corner !

Architecture and Design

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