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16 February 2012

Gotye - Music to my ears!

The past few days I’ve been struggling to get one specific song out of my head, “Somebody I used to Know” by Gotye.

When I first heard it I wasn’t a fan, but now I can’t help but think it’s pure genius.  There’s something exciting (and slightly odd) about the video too, is it haunting?  Is it sexy? Or is it musical art?
I know we talk a lot about design and creativity that catches our eye but this “artist” has caught my ears!  This tune takes us back to the 80’s, with its retro shapes and colours and it’s Sting-like feel.  However, it’s surprising to find that although there was much critical feedback from music critics Gotye has had huge success in Australia, it peaked at number one in the country for eight weeks, becoming the longest running Australian song since Savage Garden’s 1997 song “Truly Madly Deeply”.
Some say “it’s a Sting rip-off” and others say “without Kimbra it would BE Sting” but in honesty, who actually cares?  Gotye has given us something, that’s not over original but stands out against the other mainstream sounds in the charts today.
Gotye currently stands at the UK number 1 hot spot and we hope he remains there for a many weeks to come. 

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