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9 February 2012

Artist of the Week : Jordu Schell

Good morning bloggers and welcome to another instalment of Artist of the Week.

This week we bring you a legend of the visual effects world. Jordu Schell has been working on Hollywood blockbusters since before I was born. In a world of digital artwork, he is one of the few people in the industry sticking to traditional techniques.

Since entering the Film industry Jordu has worked on some of the more creative films out there including Predator, Narnia and Avatar. That's enough from us though so let's let Jordu's work do the talking. Below are some of Jordu's best known work as well as a sneaky peak video at what he does best 


Avatar - Ney'Tiri

300 - Spartan, King Leonidas 

Battle Los Angeles - Alien Concept 

Preditors - Facial Concept

Planet Of the Apes - Attar

Preditors - "The Dogs"

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