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27 February 2012

Lighwave 11 released !

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a post for all you Lightwave fans out there. I have always been a lover of Lightwave but have found that it was somewhat left behind by the competition in recent years.

Lightwave is one of the most widely used 3D packages on the market today. For a long time it sat in the background, primarily used for its extensive modelling set. Studios would do a vast amount of their 3D model creation in Lightwave then export to another package for their animation and rendering needs. Newtek (the creators of Lightwave) have been working hard to pull back those studios and to improve the software's all round effectiveness so it is not simply used as a modeller.

The last few releases have implemented various features such as a vastly improved renderer as well as cutting edge animation tools. Lightwave has always been a very capable application in all areas of 3D visualisation but it is only recently that Newtek have decided to start pushing and advertising its features. Lets hope they continue to do so and that Lightwave takes its well deserved spot as the top software for 3D visualisation.

The link below leads to the new features Newtek have implemented in this release.

Lightwave 11 Feature List

3D Visualisation

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