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10 May 2012

Designer Hot Tubs!

After some ridiculous news from my brother this week of a Hot Tub purchase at my Mum’s house (without her knowing OR her consent) I thought I would explore the possibilities of what I could be coming home to one night this week.

I’d like to say that my brother, Luke, has thought this through thoroughly, working out that the tub needs some serious structural support underneath, to not be put straight onto my Mum’s beautifully kept lawn and that it will be used in a responsible and adult way.  However, I already know that the harsh reality is that it’s been bought on a whim, with no thought and will possibly see over 50 visitors in the coming week. 

Without knowing a lot about the “hot tub” design world, I thought I’d explore what I hope to be coming home to...

Hot Tub 1 - Panacea

A beautifully designed hot tub with inspiration taken from the arctic surrounds.  I doubt this is the look Luke’s gone for though.

Hot Tub 2 - SPAmbient’s Luxema 8000  

A “slight” improvement on the bath-tub!! The whole structure has been divided into two different parts and boasts of an in-built bar and a flat-screen TV (because you NEED this in your hot tub). The first “part”- a six seater lower spa has a bar attached to the outside... should your guests feel thirsty. Washed down with glasses of summer drinks, your chums can make a splash at the pool, a cooling zone which forms the tub’s “mind blowing” other half. Powerful water jets create the effect of a current, the pool makes for an amazing luxury den, and just in case guests are not comfortable swimming against the current, the jest could always be turned off!!  I think Luke would be a little annoyed his missed out on this.

Hot Tub 3 - BISHTA

Apparently fibreglass shells, built in sound systems and TV screens are the latest requirements from the modern day hot tubs.  This particular range of tubs can range from £1000 - £15,000 (depending on specification).

232 Designs states: “Several hot tubs spas can seem to be like very cheap to buy however its always recommend to find out what are the running pricing is ” .... I’m sure my brother can’t have done this!

After the above research and the HOPE of wanting to come home to something beautifully designed and well thought of, however, I know I’m going to come home to this!!!


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