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8 May 2012

SoVibrant's 3rd Birthday!

We are proud to announce that SoVibrant is officially 3 years old today!

As Managing Director and Founder of the business I am so proud of what we have achieved since 2009 when we set the business up, all the wonderful projects we have delivered, our outstanding management team and the fantastic team of designers and creatives that make it all  possible every day.

It was a dream since the age of 16 to see SoVibrant realised as a company and to see the success and strength of what we have created against all the odds, at a time of recession, when everything in the media has been relentless doom and gloom since the day we began is a great feeling and I am so proud of everyone I have the pleasure of working with on a day to day basis. From those who have been with us since day one, to our latest signings, it is the hard work that everyone puts in day after day that makes us the creative powerhouse that we have become.

We have already done something special together by getting this far and this is just the beginning. We have a fabulous platform for the future and we have lots of big plans. We have a great culture, great people, great clients and we have kept our ethics and integrity throughout the growth of our business. We truly believe in the strength and unique offering our business gives to the market place and are doing a great deal of work behind the scenes getting ready for the next ambitious stage of our plans.

We are delighted to be able to share such a momentous day with you all.

Adam Atkinson

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