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24 May 2012

Tweet Revenge

Over 50% of the UK's population admit to considering using social networks to exact their revenge.

The increase in users of Facebook and Twitter has made it much more simple to access a wider audience and people wanting to expediently settle scores. One in 10 people intimated that online networks are responsible for people's desire to get even.

More than half said they were thinking about using social networks to even things up however one in four declared they had already exacted their revenge through anger, jealousy or spite.
You may want to watch your back as work colleagues are the favoured target, closely followed by friends and bosses.

Adultery is the sin most deserving of revenge said one third of Brits, trailed by lying (19%) and theft (9%).

Statistics also showed that more than one in ten think that people in the public eye are fitting of abuse on social networks if they have done something wrong.

50% of the people interviewed believed that the majority of revenge takes place on Facebook. It is too much easier to type a quick message and sharing it with world than confronting someone face to face. 57% of people prefer to to take revenge online than in person.

The question we ask is, "Do we want to live in a society where immediate insult, personal ridicule and hate speech finds ready expression and even approval?"


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