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17 May 2012

Amazing cardboard artworks by Chris Gilmour

Check out these fantastic cardboard sculptures by Chris Gilmour:

Using only cardboard and glue, Gilmour creates these life-size artworks with painstaking attention to detail without any hidden, non-cardboard structures or trickery.

Gilmour was born in Stockport, UK but now resides and creates his works in Udini, Italy. I love the way he has been able to replicate the originals yet keep honesty to his material by retaining the raw feel and inherent monochrome finish. How he's managed to form subtle curves from a flat starting point is simply amazing. I wish these were my creations.

Art and Design at SoVibrant www.SoVibrant.co.uk

Images courtesy of Chris Gilmour - check out the full story of Chris and his creations here, plus  various 'work in progress' shots here

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