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10 May 2012

Game of Thrones

Good afternoon readers. Today we bring you an inspiring animation from HBO's latest phenomenon, Game Of Thrones.

With several blockbuster series already under their belt, such as Band of Brothers and True Blood, HBO has set the standard for the mini-series. But putting the actual program aside, we are more interested in the amazing concept and visualization of the Intro sequence.

As the sequence starts the camera pans to an incredible world map in which cities are constructed and transformed from cogs, nuts and bolts… it’s an incredible in-depth introduction to a TV series but also shows the amount of work and concept design that has gone in to what is currently one of the biggest programs on American TV. 

View the video below to see this amazing sequence 

Game of Thrones has done so well that The Simpsons have created their own parody...to view it, follow the link below


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