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28 September 2012

iTypewriter - Apple iPad

Hi everyone,

While doing my usual browsing through the infinitely massive entity that is the World Wide Web, I came across a little product called the iTypewriter.

Image courtesy of Austin Yang

The iTypewriter is basically just an accessory for the iPad which makes it feel more like an original, old-school typewriter. Your iPad slots into the top and when you punch the keys as you would on an ordinary typewriter, it doesn't put ink to paper but instead it physically presses the keys that are displayed on your iPad. This is a very simple concept for a product but seems to work.

Image courtesy of Austin Yang

With regards to who would actually buy this product, I am not really sure. When I first saw it I thought it was a ridiculously silly idea. However, having watched the video and seen it in action I have found myself liking the device and it is actually pretty cool how it is just such a simple concept. Saying that, I would never pay money for such a product which doesn't really add any functionality what so ever to an already expensive piece of kit.

Click here for the Youtube video of the iTypewriter in action

I will leave you to make your own decision as to what you think of the iTypewriter, we would love to hear some of your comments.

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