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6 September 2012

Glassolutions - Saint-Gobain - 3D Visualisation

Hi everyone,

Busy times! We are all working hard on a wide range of exciting projects at the moment and will be starting to use our blog to share more of these with you over the coming months.

We have recently completed our first project for leading glass manufacturer Glassolutions, part of the Saint-Gobain group. We love working with clients who allow us to push the boundaries of their industry and with Glassolutions we have been doing just that. We have been combining our interior design and CGI skills to develop a range of virtual environments designed with Glassolution's exciting new product ranges. The environments aim to showcase the creativity, possibilities and quality of their glass-based products, without any of the unnecessary expense and hassle of building real-world environments. The finished visuals will be used in a number of ways including as part of Glassolutions new interactive online web tool 

So...Photo-real, high quality, precise and most importantly creative.

With the VRay buffer set to legendary, here are some of the results...

HOTEL LOBBY - Image property of Glassolutions

HOTEL BATHROOM - Image property of Glassolutions
HOTEL BEDROOM  - Image property of Glassolutions
Glassolutions is the UK's leading provider of glass and glazing solutions to the architectural, construction, building maintenance, door and window and insurance repair sectors.

COMMERCIAL LOBBY  - Image property of Glassolutions
COMMERCIAL OFFICE  - Image property of Glassolutions
COMMERCIAL BOARDROOM  - Image property of Glassolutions
Using a virtual showroom approach Glassolutions are able to quickly change the look and feel of the environments and can also add new areas and products at a much lower cost than if creating visuals from scratch.

RESTAURANT  - Image property of Glassolutions

SHOPPING CENTRE  - Image property of Glassolutions
The project has been a pleasure to work on and being part of a multi-disciplinary team it's always brilliant to combine our creative skills and work with great clients who think big! 

I’m very pleased with the CGI work that SoVibrant produced for us, both in terms of the realism of the renders and the actual design of each environment. The team worked effectively to interpret the brief, using their in-house interior design team, and we kept the project on schedule. - Kathryn Dalgleish - Commercial Sector - Glassolutions

RETAIL   - Image property of Glassolutions

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