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4 September 2012

Design Classic no.246: Ferrari Dino

Named after Enzo Ferrari's late son, the Dino was Ferrari's attempt at a low cost sports car - originally to be branded without the Ferrari name which was to be reserved for twelve cylinder models.

image from cgsociety.org

Designed by Pininfarina and built at the Scaglietti works over the road from the Ferrari Maranello plant, the Dino was produced between '68 and '75. The mid-engined, rear wheel drive Dino was available with either a 2.0 or 2.4 litre V6, hence the names 206 and 246.

image from cgsociety.org

These images show the beauty of the Dino, now heralded as as a design classic of the 1970's, but are actually CGIs produced in Lightwave by Matthew Clark (portfolio).

image from cgsociety.org
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