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11 September 2012

The Olympic Games - The Finale

All good things must come to an end and yesterday saw the final chapter to a great summer of sport as hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of London to cheer Britain's Olympic and Paralympic athletes in a celebratory parade.

Sunday was the last day at the Olympic park and I was determined to visit the end of this spectacle and sample the experience for myself. I managed to get tickets for the 7 a-side football at the riverbank stadium, which gave me access to the rest of the park on one of the hottest days of the summer.

Both games have brought nothing but positive comments about the delivery and organisation of these great events, and I am happy to say everything I was greeted with lived up to my expectation. Even getting to the Olympic park was a pleasure, on the brand new 7 minute javelin train from St Pancras, then walking through the pristine Westfield shopping centre, retail design heaven for an interior designer like myself. Right to the last day the volunteers we met were friendly and very helpful, which really showed their commitment to making sure people had a good time.

The Olympic park was massive but we still had a good walk round to see all the stadiums and structures from the Orbit to the award winning Velodrome, not an easy task in 28 degrees but well worth the effort. My only disappointment on the day was not being able to go up the Orbit to get an aerial view of the whole park. The tickets needed to be pre-booked at £15 each, which I thought was a bit steep considering people had already paid to get into the park itself. Hopefully they’ll bring this price down when the park re-opens to the public.

Below are a small selection of the pictures I took.  After Proms in the Park on Saturday (first picture) I finally got my true British weekend away. Definitely worth waiting for !

The Olympic Games - 2012 - London

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