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13 September 2012

iPhone 5!

Wednesday 12th September 2012 was a date that was in many of our diaries ... The iPhone 5 launch!
After a blog a few months ago now, I told you I was excitedly holding out for the release of the brand new iPhone 5 however I’m not sure I was justified waiting for what was hyped up as the smart phone event of this year.
Reading several articles and watching the news on Apple’s latest product, I can’t really see that many differences to what Apple have brought to market previously.
Some of the iPhone 5’s new features include the following:
The new screen
Offers a 16:9 ratio, matching that of widescreen televisions, however its 4in (10.2cm) size still remains smaller than rival displays used by Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG, HTC and Sony's flagship models.  The problem is that the new iPhone won't really give you much more screen than the old one!
The camera
An eight megapixel model - the same as in the iPhone 4S, and a lower specification than LG and Sony's most recent devices. 
The new “Google Maps” ... Flyover
Apple have chosen not to use Google Maps but to create a similar system called Flyover.  This app allows you to find your way from an aerial view however, isn’t this really just what Google did all those years ago and many have already bought into?
Re-skinned ITunes...
WOW! Thanks. Much needed but not that exciting and certainly not worthy of finishing the keynote on.
....Or so we are told.  I’m still to be convinced that this functions as Apple says it does however I won’t strike them off just yet until I know for myself.
There appears to be a few more evolutions that many of us don’t appear happy with such as the new adaptors that all users will have to purchase to plug the device into existing speakers and other equipment, just because the 5 has a “brand new” 9 pin adaptor!  There’s an additional £25 we weren’t aware about. The lack of a real styling overhaul now leaves Apple with an aesthetic that hasn't really changed for over 3 years.  Even more concerning for Apple, perhaps we are all starting to become a bit more cynical about their new products. It could be judged that Apple have made a rod for their own backs through the relentless innovation and the expectation that creates. It may be an excellent device, but I think people just expected that one big Wow factor feature that didn't really materialise.
Apple also has become a “copycat” in the now crowded tablet marketplace. Jobs once said the iPad's 9.7in screen was the perfect size, and smaller tablets made no sense. Then the Android camp had success with 7in tablets like Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7, and now Apple supposedly will announce its own smaller iPad in October. Are Apple losing their leadership in trend setting in the market place? 
SoVibrant were particularly excited about the new product but today we’re feeling deflated.  Some good advice for potential 5 buyers ... maybe don’t jump on the bandwagon this time!
SoVibrant’s TOP 3 smart phone alternatives...
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android)
-       Aesthetically amazing (“Boss” in the words of our very own Peter Pringle)
-       Screen size: 4.8" (larger than the new iPhone  5)
-       Operating system is Android
-       Camera: 8MP
-       Extremely light weight
HTC 1X (Android)
-       HTC's first true smartphone
-       Customisable & fast
-       Camera is great quality
-       HTC Car app is fantastic
-       Contains the tegra3 processer so phone graphics have high quality output
Sony Experia (Android)
-       Weighs a tiny 139 g, 4.8 ounces
-       4.6" touch screen – scratch resistant (larger than the new iPhone  5)
-       13MP Camera
-       Operating system is Android
-       Up to 16hours music listening time

New Nokia Lumina 920
-       4.5” Screen (larger than the new iPhone  5)
-       8.7MP Camera
-       Nokia pure view camera
-       10 hours maximum 3G talk time
-       400.0 h Maximum 3G standby time

mages courtesy of Google Images
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