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11 October 2011


In 2009 Arch Group came up with the concept of the Sleepbox which has recently been developed into mass production.
The modular  2.5 x 1.6 x 2.5-3m pods are designed for the urban traveller and for particular use in airports, rail terminals and town centres.
The compact units come complete with sleeping facilities, ventilation, luggage storage & outlets for mobile phones and laptops. They can also be upgraded to include Wi-Fi, audio visual elements and payment stations.
I particularly like the fact that the design can pack so many functional elements into such a small footprint whilst maintaining its stylised aesthetic. I also believe that these units have solved the problem that plagues so many travellers when flights or trains are delayed, cancelled or there just isn't time to check into a hotel.
Expect to see the Sleepbox in an airport near you soon!


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