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14 October 2011

Business Challanges Today

SoVibrant as a business know and understand as much as any the challenges facing business’s in today’s economy. In fact most of the SoVibrant team have worked through and enjoyed a period of time when the construction industry was booming. Like most business’s we have faced change and challenges like never before, however we have embraced those changes and challenges and adapted our approach to business and clients knowing what they face. Many of our core services are linked to assisting other organisations change, we aim to practice what we preach….

The Workplace Strategy element of our business has seen a huge increase in demand due to the challenges faced by business’s today. Whether it entails rationalising existing real estate, downsizing teams, restructuring or relocating, all of these things impact on people, and only too often businesses ignore the impact of these changes on culture, moral and productivity.

No one gets out of bed in a morning and goes to work because they want to make more money for the business owners; they do it because they have to. What then, in a time when many see their colleagues being made redundant, are working the same hours for less money, are having to do the same or more work with less resource, would motivate them to go that bit further?

SoVibrant work closely with organisations to improve the connection between business leaders and the majority workforce by mean of face to face consultation, observation (often very eye opening) and by changing the way the business communicates both internally and externally. 

To be a high performance business, we truly believe there must be a high level of engagement, interconnection and communication with the workforce as well as the customer. We came across a few videos of a motivational speaker called Dr Patrick Dixon who talks a lot about this connection with the workforce and felt it was even more very relevant in this current economic climate than ever before.
If businesses are going to succeed and be ready when the economy improves, then riding the storm and doing nothing different is not the answer, being reactive rather than innovative is not the answer, being angry and fearful of the future is not the answer!

We hope you find the link below as interesting as we do……

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