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31 October 2011

Ultimate Tree House(s)

Construction is underway on two tree-covered blocks of flats in Italy - dubbed the world's first "forest in the sky".

Designed by Stefano Boeri, the 27 floors of the Bosco Verticale buildings - which translates as "vertical forest" - will house 730 trees including oaks and amelanchier.

The 365ft and 260ft towers in Milan will also be home to 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 ground plants. A team of horticulturalists will tend to the trees, the tallest of which will grow to 30ft.

Those behind the project say it will represent the equivalent of one hectare of forest, absorb CO2 and provide energy-saving shade to the apartments.

The towers will also boast wind, solar and recycling systems.

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