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19 October 2011

Cool Waters

If your company's whole business revolved around the fluid movement of water, which in vogue Architect would you approach to design your new showroom ?
It's a no brainer really, so no awards for guessing Zaha Hadid, the Architect of the new Aquatic Centre for the London 2012 Olympics.

Roca the Spanish sanitary ware manufacturer chose the right London practice to follow on from showrooms in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon.
The interior, bespoke furniture and ceiling elements have a dynamic futuristic look which Zaha Hadid has become famous for.

Zaha Hadid Architecture described the space as the place “where a fluid architectural space meets innovative Roca products“
This style and approach is one she has used for many of her projects, which has certainly made her stand out from the crowd.

This futuristic shape making always raises the debate of style over substance, and form and function.
Some of her design work could be described as faddy and impractical , similar to fashion design and Haute couture.
Which has definitely helped her become a 'Trophy Architect' and join the likes of Frank Gehry in the world of celebrity Architecture.

However Zaha has proved her practice can design a building that looks good and performs well with the Evelyn Grace Academy.
The recent 2011 Stirling Prize winner with a 100m running track dissecting the building, featured in an early SoVibrant blog.
Love Zaha Hadid or hate her , she is certainly pushing the envelope of design.

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