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10 October 2011

Making Waves

It's not often we profile photographers on the SoVibrant blog, however when I saw these pictures this guy definitely deserves 'Photographer of the week'

Clark Little is surfing legend and father of 2, turned American photographer from California.

He climbed the surfing ranks back in the 80′s and 90′s when he moved to Hawaii and became a pioneer in big wave surfing.

His years of experience taming these big waves meant he was the perfect person to capture their beauty.

Clark swims into as big as 15 foot waves and takes pictures in 'the barrel' of the wave, right before being crushed by these Hawaiian monsters.

His photos have been featured in National Geographic, The New York Times, and ESPN among many others.

I wouldn't try this at home, or down on Fistral Beach in Newquay, this is certainly a man who knows what he's doing.

Photography / Design

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