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7 October 2011

Planet Decos - Inbo - lievable

Architecure meets Starwars at Decos' new meterorite / Deathstar influenced offices. Definitely a scheme to have that storm trooper outfit dusted off for.

We love the backstory . The client pitted some big names against a relatively unknown practice, Inbo and low and behold, the underdog Inbo, with their fresh approach and creativity won through. You can imagine the pitches... Slightly conventional designs one and two are followed by totally out there meterote from another planet. Who would you want to work with? no brainer methinks.

We are regularly thrown into this type of situation and have a record of winning more than we lose, when pitted against the "big names" (read: been around longest) in our industry.  We have masses of respect for Inbo for winning this job and not being afraid to be bold and challenge convention. Whilst not to everyones taste, no one can argue this isnt an iconic and appropriately styled home for a technology company.

Well done to Inbo. The project is a real break from the norm and we would like to send our respect to the interior designers and Architects teams for a job well done!

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