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24 August 2012

Tron - Syd Mead - Architecture Film & Design

1982 was a good year for sci-fi and one man who helped shape two of the most forward thinking films that year was Syd Mead. We have already featured Syd Mead as 'Artist of the week' two years ago and I recently blogged about Blade Runner, one of his landmark films.

The other film Syd Mead worked on which aired that year was Tron, written and directed by Steven Lisberger. It stars Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer who is transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer. Triple-III, the CG pioneers of Westworld, used a computer that only had 2Mb of memory, which is about 1/2000th of the capacity of your average PC today.

In a post modern age of remakes and sequels it’s good to remember a time when cinema was trying to be cutting edge and ground breaking. We definitely need more people in cinema like Syd Mead who describes himself as a "visual futurist". There's no point trying to remake a classic Joseph Kosinski, (Tron Legacy) these ideas are more than 30 years old now.

Tron - Syd Mead - Architecture Film and Design

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