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15 August 2012

SoVibrant Takes on LeJog With Merlots Mates

After years of promising I have finally bitten the bullet and on Friday I am cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats - 1024 miles 9 days (yes I know I am an idiot, please do not remind me!!!) I am raising money f
or The Wooden Spoon Charity. 


"In the UK, one child in every hundred suffers from a lifelong disability that will profoundly affect his or her ability to lead a full and happy life. More than 3.8 million children grow up in low income households or live in an environment where they are subjected to poverty of aspiration. Wooden Spoon exists to make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged children and young people through a commitment to quality charitable work."

In 2008 Team Merlot’s Mates raised £4,400 by climbing 4 of the highest peaks in the UK and Ireland within 48 hours. In 2009 the same team canoed the 10.5mile length of Lake Windermere, cycled 46 miles over England’s steepest road pass, the 1:3 gradient Wrynose and finally conquered Scafell Pike on foot: all in less than 12 hours. This raised a further £4,000. And in 2012, older but no wiser, they are back to tackle the big one: LeJog
The Challenge—Ride 1024 miles in 9 days

This year original team members Mark Howlett, Adam Hirst with driver Mark Birch are joined by Mike Carter (Director of SoVibrant) on the bikes and additional support crew Clive Berry and Ross Harwood. Ryan Groves isn't able to join because the silly bugger is getting married. The team aspires to raise over £5,000 for same charity Wooden Spoon.
The team are funding the trip themselves, so every penny donated will go to improving childrens lives in the Yorkshire region.
Wooden Spoons Mission Statement: Passion, Integrity, Teamwork and FUN.
Merlots Mates are aiming to raise £5,000 for this charity and you can donate in the following ways:
Or text TTFI67 to 70700. You will be asked how much you want to donate and you text the amount which is then taken from your mobile phone bill. The texts themselves are free.
I will blog as often as I can to inform you all of the progress and there will be a video blog at the end of the trip so you can see how we got on.

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