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6 August 2012

The rover has landed

Good afternoon bloggers. 

If you are British this has to be one of the most memorable weekends ever. However on the other side of the pond. a small group of people have been busy making history as well.

In the early hours of this morning. "CURIOSITY", NASA's mars rover touched down on the red planet; Mars. This monumental event may well be over-shadowed by the current excitement of London 2012 Olympics but the significance of this event cannot be underestimated and it is very much one of mans greatest achievements to date.

In the past NASA has launched and landed a number of missions to the red planet. While some of them landed safely sending back amazing images of the surface of mars, Most broke up on impact.
However. at 6:00am EST, after a 9 month journey, travelling 225 million km at a speed of 13,000mph, "CURIOSITY" successfully and safely landed, in fully working order. These are the first pictures from the red planet.

After a few hours of start-up tests Curiosity has now started its 2 year road trip around the surface of Mars carrying out experiments and searching for life. This is just the first stage in President Obama's long term aim to take humans to Mars by 2030.

Another giant leap for mankind and proof of the growing importance of continuing to explore our galaxy and beyond. 

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